Do you recognise these growth challanges?

You give your all at work and in your relationships but at the end of the day feel overwhelmed, exhausted and don't have energy left to do the things you love.  

You always take care of others but seem to forget about yourself in the process.  And yes, you have a hard time saying no.

You feel stuck in your unfulfilling job and want to do something that really makes a difference, but don't know where to start.

You seem to have it all but still feel like you where meant to do more.

If you recognize these challenges you are definitely not alone and I want you to know that you deserve much better and that I truly  believe something more is possible for you. 

You are a pretty beautiful person and owe it to yourself and the world to become a goddess of growth, uncover your purpose and share your gifts with the world.

About Pretty Beautiful Life

Pretty Beautiful Life is the place to be to skyrocked your personal and professional growth and improve your wellbeing through valuable resources, evidence based tools and a unique blend of online therapy & coaching.   

Though a unique blend of online therapy & coaching you will get the resources and support you need to expand your personal and professional growth and optimise your wellbeing, creating a life a purpose and beauty for yourself and the ones you love. 

Pretty beautiful life also offers masterclasses in which you wil join a group of like-minded growth goddesses, learning from each other and inspiring each other on your personal and professional growth journey. People, who aren't afraid to invest in themselves and their happiness and create a pretty beautiful life. Because if you don't take care of yourself and your own happiness how can you show up for others? Remember to put your oxygen mask on first.

And you don't have to go at it alone, because there is a tribe of growth goddesses right behind you, helping you overcome your fears, silence that inner critic, encourage you when you need it most and celebrate each growth milestone.

Because you matter, your ideas matter, your skills matter and we are counting on you to beautify the world with your unique gifts and talents.

Meet the founder

Hi Beautiful!

I'm Ro and I am a Psychologist, Consultant, Creative and founder of Pretty Beautiful Life. It's my mission to help you optimise your wellbeing and live a life of purpose and beauty by facilitating your personal and professional growth.

After getting my masters in Psychology in 2011 I have been fortunate to work with and help hundreds of people improve their life, career, relationships and wellbeing working at various (general) practices.

I have worked with individuals, couples and families on a variety of issues including: burn-out, depression, anxiety, addiction, adhd, sexuality, ptsd, relational issues, personality disorders, parenting issues and sleep issues and learned that despite it's challenges life can be  beautiful for everyone.

While working as a psychologist I quickly realised that people deserve more than to just reach a basic level of functioning and instead deserve to move beyond that and optimise their wellbeing and thrive.

I founded Pretty Beautiful Life with a mission to help you not just survive but thrive in your career, relationships and life and reach your highest level of wellbeing.