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Optimise your wellbeing and reach your full potential through a unique blend of online therapy and coaching helping you thrive

Beautify your life, career and relationship

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Are you looking to improve your wellbeing, self-esteem, get more assertive, reach your life's potential or want to feel less overwhelmed and more energised?

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Are you looking to change careers, recover from burn-out or bore-out, start your own business or figure out how to align your creativity and passion with your working life? 

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Are you looking to find the right life partner, get over a break-up, learn how to say no and set better boundaries or want to improve the quality of your current relationship?  


Hi Beautiful!

As long as I can remember I have always been interested in what drives and motivaties people. My natural curiosity into humanity led me to to get my master in Psychology 8 years ago and since then I have been fortunate to work with and help hundreds of people improve their life, career, relationships and wellbeing working at various (general) practices.

Over the years I gained experience working with individuals, couples and families on a variety of issues including: burn-out, depression, anxiety, addiction, adhd, sexuality, ptsd, relational issues, personality disorders, parenting issues and sleep issues and learned that despite it's challenges life can be pretty beautiful for everyone.

While working as a psychologist I quickly realised that people deserve more than to just reach a basic level of functioning and instead deserve to move beyond that and optimise their wellbeing.  

So I founded Pretty Beautiful Life with a mission to help you not just survive but thrive in your career, relationships and life and reach your highest level of wellbeing, through a unique blend of online therapy and coaching with a special affinity for highly sensitive people and gifted adults.


Pretty Beautiful Results

Clients commonly experience the following benefits of working together:

  • More clarity on what caused you to get stuck in your life, career or relationships and a new vision on what is most important to you and where you would like to go

  • The knowledge and skills you need to move forward, grow as a person and reach your dream vision and goals

  • An improved sense of wellbeing, a fulfilling career or healthier relationships and being able to fully experience your Pretty Beautiful Life

What does a Therapy & Coaching Journey look like at Pretty Beautiful Life? 

We will work together on an customised one-on-one online therapy & coaching journey and will have a session via Skype every (other) week. 

During our first session we will create a future vision for your life, career or relationship that will will work towards in the following months. Depending on your personal circumstances we will determine the right mix of therapy & coaching that you feel comfortable with and will help us uncover the needed insights and work towards tangible results. In my experience working with hundreds of clients anywhere between 6 to 12 sessions will create visible results. 

Because of my in-depth style of working as a Psychologist and Coach I tend to resonate especially well with highly sensitive people and gifted adults and can help you transform any related challenges into your strengths.

Pretty Curious?

I understand that it can be pretty big step to finally reach out and get started. So to help you asses if you want to start your Journey at Pretty Beautiful Life you can schedule a free 20 minute exploration session with me to see if this feels like the right fit for you.

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