About Pretty Beautiful Life

Ro Titre MSc, is a Psychologist, Senior Consultant, Researcher, Musician and founder of Pretty Beautiful Life. 

After getting her honours degree in Clinical Psychology, she has helped 200+ clients improve their mental health and wellbeing and consulted over 40 organisations, including multinationals, ngo's and governments on improving their global branding, marketing and communication strategy. In 2018 she led a large scale value study, amongst 10.000+ people, resulting in a new value model that uncovers what drives us in the digital age.


Merging her psychological expertise and corporate experience as a highly sensitive person, she now helps highly sensitive woman transform their sensitivity into their superpower and show up with more energy, serenity and self-confidence in their life, relationships and career. 

"I started Pretty Beautiful Life because I wanted to share my knowledge and inspire you to use your sensitivity as a strength instead of a liability. Over the years I've noticed that the topic of sensory processing sensitivity wasn't getting enough attention in the field of mental health. At the same the wellbeing of a lot of my clients was deeply effected by their sensitive temperament (leading to overwhelm, exhaustion, stress) and improved a lot after learning to cope with their sensitivity. 

As a highly sensitive person myself I know the challenges from the inside out but also discovered the strength behind my sensitivity.  So I am passionate about helping you transform your sensitivity into your superpower with evidence-based interventions and contribute to a world where all 1,5 billion highly sensitive people can flourish and brighten up the world with their unique gifts and talents." 

Turn sensitivity into your strength with..